Активный объект 1. 2018
Металл, мобильное приложение с дополненной реальностью
Для просмотра дополненной реальности вам потребуется скачать приложение Recycle Group и навести камерой на маркеры с цифрами.
Live object 1. 2018
Metal, mobile application with augmented reality
Multimedia installation. 18+
Viewers must scan the QR code and go to the project website for registration.
Choose which probability for your own future, provided by artificial intelligence, you would like to see come to pass. There are only two scenarios – the most positive and the most negative – formulated for each specific individual.
This project uses information about the viewer taken from open sources.
(Please read the terms and conditions of the user agreement.)

Next, the viewer will receive his or her number in a virtual line.
Take this number to the assistant at the entrance to the exhibition and then head to the personal room to see the exhibit. Only one person may be in the room at any given time.
To see this with augmented reality, viewers must download the Recycle Group application and point their cameras at the numbered markers.